Fiber Fit

Fiber Fit

Prebiotic Gut Support 

Fiber Fit is a powerful combination of 5 ingredients, studied and shown to support healthy gut and digestion. This special, proprietary blend combines Organic Acacia Gum, Organic Agave Inulin, Organic Flax seed, and Organic Guar Gum to maximize results.


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What is Fiber Fit?

Fiber Fit is a natural prebiotic formulation which serves as food for probiotics in the gut that support healthy gut function and microbiome. Prebiotics and probiotics work in conjunction with each other to support bacteria and other organisms in the gut. Prebiotics are a necessary component in supporting overall health, enhancing digestion and metabolism.

If you are struggling with irregular moods, skin issues, erratic sleep patterns, cravings for sugar or other unhealthy foods, bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, cramping (after meals) and weight management you stand to greatly improve your health and wellbeing by introducing a prebiotic into your daily routine. Some research indicates that prebiotics may benefit the body by improving calcium absorption, supporting carbohydrate processing and aiding in digestion.

Organic Acacia Gum

This natural dietary fiber is nature’s wonder. It regulates digestion as a water soluble fiber source. Acacia fiber supports improved digestion and bowel stability and alleviates diarrhea and constipation.

Organic Agave Inulin

A prebiotic natural type of soluble fiber found in many plants. It is known to improve digestive health and relieve constipation, support healthy blood glucose and even support weight loss.

Organic Flaxseed

This amazing little seed is a powerhouse that is also commonly used to improve digestive health or relieve constipation. Studies also indicate help lower total blood cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL, or "bad") cholesterol levels.

Organic Guar Gum

Super high in fiber, this ingredient may support the health of your digestive system. It acts as a prebiotic by promoting the growth of good bacteria and reducing the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut.

Customer Feedback

At Nature’s Formulas, we strive to make the best supplements in the industry. And this is true for Fiber Fit as well. On the right are the 4 key attributes we targeted when designing this supplement.

Based on feedback from surveys and testimonials, we can confidently say that FiberFit delivers on all four key factors.





Why You Need Fiber Fit

Fiber Fit is an All-natural prebiotic supplement that can help support your digestion, reduce constipation and produce and maintain healthy gut bacteria. In just a short time you should experience the benefits of improved digestion and relief from many common digestive ailments. The powerhouse ingredient combination has been shown to support blood glucose regulation, help with weight loss and improve overall gut health.

Extra Effective

FiberFit’s unique formulation is based on proven dosages and uses of Acacia gum, agave inulin, flaxseed and guar gum documented in clinical studies. We only use the highest quality ingredients, and ensure the conditions are ideal to ensure that the probiotic is active by the time it reaches you. Combined with diet and exercise, this good bacteria will help rebalance your gut biohm and improve and reduce digestive disturbances.

High Absorption

The problem with a lot of supplements is our bodies do not absorb them properly. Meaning we lose a lot of the dosage we consume. To combat that, we ensure all our formulas use high quality extracts of the most effective ingredients, increasing the body’s overall absorption even in spite of this natural loss process.

Easy To Take

It’s difficult to get all the essential vitamins and minerals necessary for vision health from food alone, but with Fiber Fit you get a shortcut to all the benefits by simply supplementing your diet daily with our revolutionary formula; a supplement that provides you with all the necessary nutrients in a tiny, easy to swallow pill.

90 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

We Are Committed To Our Customers Results. If Our Supplements Do Not Meet Your Expectations, Within 90 Days Of Starting Fiber Fit, You Are Entitled To A 100% No Questions Asked Refund.

To get in touch with our Customer Experience team email us at or 1-800-266-0373.

Supplement Facts

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions from customers of Fiber Fit:

How Safe Is Fiber Fit?

Nature’s Formula’s Fiber Fit contains only 100% natural and safe ingredients. The formula is tested for quality and purity at an independent, 3rd-party facility. However, we recommend you consult with your health care provider before beginning any new program.

How Do I Use Fiber Fit?

Take 2 Capsules 1 times a day with meals and an 8oz glass of water.

How long does each bottle last?

For typical digestive problems and gut biohm imbalances, each bottle should last about 1 month. For more advanced cases with severe digestive disturbances, you may need as much as 2-3 bottles per month. FiberFit is extremely safe, so you can take as much as you need to eliminate your gut and digestive issues.

What If It Doesn’t Work For Me? Is There A Guarantee?

We offer a 90 day 100% Money Back Guarantee. We are so confident in Fiber Fit we are offering 90 days to try it out. If you change your mind at any point in the next 90 days call or email us and we will refund every penny.


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