Our Philosophy

Our deep understanding of human health guides us through the maze of scientific research to make the best supplements in the industry.

1. Scientific Proof

We work with leading research centers to analyze the latest scientific findings and create formulations based on facts.

Each one of our formulas is carefully researched and formulated based on the latest, cutting edge research and studies from some of the top universities and research establishments on the planet. We pride ourselves on creating formulations that work.

This means that we utilize the exact active ingredients, in effective doses, to those shown to have positive outcomes in studies - so you get exactly what you pay for. More than that, we encourage our customers to do the research as well, and inform and engage with the science behind our formulas.

This education initiative is an effort we are actively working on with research partners, so our customers are informed on how they can make the best decisions for their own health.

2. Deep Understanding Of Body Chemistry

The proper balance of the chemistry of the body is critical to restorative health.

We work with top researchers, scientists and a whole host of individuals who have a deep understanding of body chemistry; this expertise helps in the formulation of supplements that are powerful, yet natural.

This means that we strive to ensure that everything is in balance - more often than not, imbalances in our body chemistry: blood glucose regulation, gut bacteria, stress, external toxins are among culprits that most impact our well being.

We aim to reverse some of these negative impacts by bringing our bodies back into balance to function as they are meant to, as nature intended.

3. Importance Of The Micro/Myco Biohm

Up to 100 trillion organisms live within the human body, having the wrong ones leads to poor health.

Leading studies and research show just how important the health of your gut bacteria is to you health. There are literally trillions of flora (little bacteria) throughout our bodies at any given time; most of them live in our digestive system.

Some of these bacteria are good, others are bad; the bad guys have a big impact on our health and our capacity for weight gain, but beyond that, a study from the University of Copenhagen’s Professor Oluf Pedersen indicates a relationship between specific imbalances in the gut microbiota are essential contributors to high blood sugar.

So beyond weight gain, this imbalance can, in fact, put us at risk of other serious diseases. A healthy gut is then the secret weapon in your battle for good health.

4. Plant Based Diet

Study after study clearly demonstrate the powers of eating a whole, plant based diet.

Research shows that there are a multitude of benefits from practices a plant-based diet for your health and overall wellbeing. Many practitioners have seen quick benefits in the way of lower blood pressure due to intake of potassium rich foods; these foods help not only to lower blood pressure, but also regulate hormones that increase stress and anxiety.

Similarly, lower cholesterol and more regulated blood sugar levels are reported because many raw fruits and vegetables contain no cholesterol, and higher fiber intake helps to regulate the absorption of sugars into the blood.

On top of all these wonderful benefits, whole foods, and a rich plant-based diet has the additional power punch which can help promote weight loss.

5. Clinically Proven Results

We guarantee each and every bottle we sell to help you feel confident you'll get the results you're looking for.

Each and every supplement we create is made with the finest ingredients on earth and packed with clinically proven dosages to guarantee effectiveness.

Once we have the perfect formula, we test on real people until we get the results we require to release a product to the market. That's why everything we make is proven safe and effective.